What happens if a dealer does not select a provider during open enrollment?

All dealers are required to select one of the Program Website providers as part of the manufacturer's dealer operating standards.

Which website providers have been approved for Volkswagen Canada Dealers?

D2C Media, Dealer Inspire, 360 Agency and Edealer have been certified.

Will Certified Advertising Providers be tied to Certified Website Platform Providers? Can dealers choose a separate advertising provider from their website platform provider?

All of the Certified Website Platform Providers are also Certified Digital Advertising Providers. VW Dealer Digital has also certified 4 industry-leading digital advertising providers to give dealers greater choice. Dealers can choose a different Certified Advertising Provider than their Certified Website provider.

How long is the contract period for VW Dealer Digital Programs? What happens if dealers switch to another provider?

There are no long-term contracts in the VW Dealer Digital Program. The contract period for all programs and services is month-to-month to provide flexibility. If a dealer migrates to a different certified provider, they will maintain the dedicated digital consultant support and reporting through VW Dealer Digital.

How will VW Dealer Digital programs be billed? What are the cancellation terms?

All dealers are required to have a certified website. If in the future you cancel your certified website provider, you must choose a new certified website provider to replace it with. However, all other VW Dealer Digital programs have no long-term contracts, and will be billed directly to a dealer's parts statement. Products cancelled on or before the 10th of the month will be billed through the end of the month. Products cancelled after the 10th of the month will be billed through the end of the following month. Please submit any specific billing concerns to info@vwdealerdigital.ca.

Where can I learn more about the VW Dealer Digital Certified Providers?

All Certified Website Platform Providers include information about their programs and product offerings via the "Learn More" pages on the enrollment site. As new providers are added to the program, we will hold webinars to demo their product and take live questions. Finally, the Volkswagen Digital Consultants (VDCs) are available to offer unbiased program information or connect you with providers to learn more.

Do I need to provide a signature for an End User License Agreement “EULA” when I change website or digital advertising Providers?

A new Dig Ad or Provider switch must have a EULA attached to it. If you are upgrading or downgrading your current package with the same provider a new signature is not required. Shift Digital must be contacted about the Provider switch to ensure correct billing is set-up.

If a dealer currently has a secondary site with one of the providers offered in the Certified Website Platform Program, can they transition their secondary website as the primary website to the VW Dealer Digital program?

Yes. if interested, please reach out to your Volkswagen Digital Consultant (VDC) to discuss transition requirements and eligibility. In many cases the VDC will be able to transition legacy relationships seamlessly.

What happens to services (including secondary sites) with providers NOT INCLUDED in the Certified Website Platform Program?

Dealers are responsible for managing any cancellations for services outside of the VW Dealer Digital Program.

What type of creative services can VW Dealer Digital provide?

VW Dealer Digital has a library of approved assets that meet all Certified Website requirements and dealers can access available creative through VW Kreativ. Additionally, your VDC will be able to assist with simple website content updates (updating certain specials, web tiles, building pages, etc.). If you require additional creative and/or custom content, there will be additional paid options for creative support.

What is Volkswagen Insight and how do I access it?

Volkswagen Insight is a dashboard that displays analytics on website performance and virtual benchmarking. Volkswagen Insight shows consistency among the website providers, compares performance and is a source of knowledge with access to best practice recommendations and toolkits. Access to Volkswagen Insight is available through VW Hub. If you have any questions about how to navigate Volkswagen Insight, please reach out to your VDC.

What do I do if I have additional questions?

Contact the VDC Support Team at info@vwdealerdigital.ca or 833-646-0299